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10 Inspirational Home Decor Influencers by Design Style

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Spring is finally in its stride with less snow showers and more blue skies! The warm rays are shining on your garden and favourite rooms, highlighting where to make Spring touches or completely revamp. We know lots of you are looking for ideas to help with projects like creating a boho chic patio or kitchen diner haven with modern rustic charm. The question is, where do you start?

Scandinavian, boho, modern rustic, French vintage, country – you may have an idea of what these home design styles look and feel like. But who are the true beacons of inspiration to help you really get under the skin of your chosen interior design themes?

At House to Haven, we’ve fallen in love with a whole host of fabulous home decor Instagrammers, and we hope you’ll adore them too! From celebrity super-upcycler, Stacey Solomon, to interior lovers like Lucy Whitehouse, here are ten influencers to capture your imagination…

1. Scandinavian Simplicity @at_lucys_house

Our friends in Scandinavia are known for their effortless flair and clean lines. Simple yet elegant contemporary pieces with a nod to nature. So why not look to Scandi-Scot, Lucy Whitehouse, for your Scandinavian design inspiration? Fluffy throws, striking wall-art and pampas grasses feature as she shares her progress in creating a ‘stylish and modern family home’ in Somerset.

2. Boho Home Chic @my_boho_interior

You could say that boho chic is open to interpretation given its varied blend of colours, textures and patterns. There’s our own UK style that combines floral imagery and picture frame collections with velvets, throws and fringes. Or you may prefer a more global Moroccan, Spanish or French influence. My Boho Interior explores every possible design angle to help you create your own boho haven.

3. Modern Rustic Charm @rockmystyleblog

Whether you’re looking for up-to-the-minute rustic charm for your country cottage or to add some character to your new build home, Rock My Style is the ideal place to seek out stunning ideas. With more than seventy-five thousand Insta followers, you’ll join like-minded stylish people to indulge in modern rustic design inspiration that drills right down to the very last detail.

4. French Vintage Character @frenchandwilder (and @thewhiteivyhouse)

If you’re looking for that certain je ne sais quoi in your furnishings, it’s likely you’re thinking of all things French vintage for your home. You’ll love the looks on Instagram created by French and Wilder, an interior stylist, blogger and French interior lover who featured with his White Ivy House on #escapetothechateu

5. Country Charisma @cindy_tommo76

Cindy, a mother of two, is loving the country life and sharing her serial addiction to renovating and interiors with almost seven thousand Insta followers. Her beautiful modern country design style and regular posts are sure to inspire a world of ideas to help you create your own rural haven.

6. Urban Glamour @mad_about_the_house

As author of the UK’s No 1 interiors blog, Vuelio, a Red Magazine column and Mad About the House books, Kate Watson-Smyth’s self-confessed style is urban glamour. On Instagram, she walks us through her home and her design tips. Her formula for creating interiors is ‘something old, something new, something black, something gold’, focusing on dark walls, velvet finishing and vintage pieces.

7. Contemporary Class @hiddenindecor

There’s no doubt that home decor lovers are currently leaning towards a modern country or rustic feel. However, if your passion is for striking and luxurious contemporary styling, it’s unlikely your head will be turned by rural design. Check out Hidden in Decor where Italian contemporary is King, with their re-shared design ideas can easily be scaled to fit your own haven.

8. Modern Clean Lines @amblesidehome

If you’re erring towards clean lines and light and airy colours, with a touch of minimalism, you’re probably looking to go modern. With over thirteen thousand followers, Lucie shares in her own stylish yet accessible decoration of her lovely Ambleside Home. You’ll be inspired to use neutral tones, mirrors and simplicity to make your home feel light and more spacious.

9. Traditional Opulence @sibylcolefax

Once a purely traditional interior decorating firm, established in the 1930s, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler have been at the forefront in evolving English home styling to its current contemporary vintage form. Perfect for those who wish to collect classic pieces and memorabilia or simply build on what has been at home in your home for generations, following them on Instagram will give you a wealth of ideas.

10. Front Door Dressing, Upcycling & Tidying @staceysolomon

Mum of three, Loose Women regular and engaged to fellow TV personality, Joe Swash, Stacey Solomon loves to share her craft and upcycling projects with her whopping 4.3 million followers – like her latest passion for pampas grasses and dried flowers. This all-round lovely lady is also renowned on Instagram for her epic front door dressings, and, as author of Tap to Tidy, decluttering tips.

Ready to create your haven? Let us help bring your design inspiration to life

We hope you’ve been inspired by the hottest home decor influencers on our radar to turn your home and garden into heavenly havens.

Get your inner designer on and take a look through the green links above. Each design style will take you to fabulous pieces in our hand-picked collections.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We’d be more than happy to search out that special piece for you, at no extra cost. Simply, get in touch for a chat, we'd love to hear from you.

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