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Become a Haven Influencer

Love Decor? Love your Home? Let's Collaborate

Do you love furnishing your home with beautiful things? Love sharing your ideas with everyone? We got you. We're all about beautiful interiors and real opinions here. So, if that's your thing... you've come to the right place. Join us and become a member of the Haven family. 


We'd love it if our cherished, loyal customers (that's you!) shout about our products to let everyone else know which products they love. And so, with this in mind, we are looking for a few select ambassadors to help promote all things fabulous at House to Haven. We would love to hear from anyone who thinks they would make a good ambassador; you can be from all walks of life and with any type of house as long as you love our products.

While we'd love to accept all of you amazing creators, we do have a few requirements for those wanting to promote our beautiful products. Here are our basic requirements -

  • Are you based in the UK?

  • Do you have a Home Account on Instagram or a Facebook Group?

  • Do you have a minimum of 1k followers on Instagram or Facebook? We do partner up with smaller influencers depending on their current content and engagement, if you think you fit the part please still contact us.

  • Does your feed have a haven factor? In other words, do you share gorgeous home content that our products would fit perfectly in? Gorgeous homes are what we're looking for! You can view our products here.

  • Is your account public?

If you ticked yes to the above and would like to get involved,​ simply complete the form below with your plans for content. Don’t forget to include your Instagram handle and Facebook profile name. Plus any other social media platforms you plan on using. And lastly tell us why you'd like to join the Haven family. 

What do you get?

  • 20% off all orders

  • A 10% discount code to share with your friends, family and followers. 

  • We may randomly send you free new products to try out and review. 

  • First to preview new products. 

  • Be featured on Haven's Instagram & Facebook page.

  • Belong and be featured on Haven's Facebook VIP Group.

  • Invitations to exclusive VIP events.

  • A free item to the Brand Rep with the code that is used the most that quarter. A dedicated draw just for reps. 

  • We'll re-share your product photos and engage with your social accounts. 

What would we like from you?

  • Post at least 1 creative photo or video with either an uncluttered background and outdoor photos (depending on the product) on your feed and stories for the agreed social accounts. To be posted at least every other week.  

  • Photos/videos to be posted 3 days minimum after you've received your order. 

  • A purchase once a month.

  • Remain respectful and endorse House to Haven in a positive way with inspirational content.

  • Include links to our website, social media and share information about Haven. Don’t forget your unique and exclusive discount code!

  • Share and engage with our social accounts. 

Join the Haven family...

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