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Crispy homemade pizzas, perfect artisan loaves. If you're looking to prove and bake to perfection, you need the perfect baking stone. This unique two-in-one Terracotta Baking Stone and Bread Proving Lid is a kitchen must-have. A glazed grey outer is accompanied by an unglazed interior baking surface. The unglazed interior cleverly absorbs liquids to draw away moisture from the bread dough to achieve a gloriously crispy crust. To use as a proving lid, place the unglazed surface down on top of any 29cm or smaller mixing bowl so that it forms a seal over the bowl, allowing dough to prove for the first rising without using single use bowl covers such as cling film.


  • Dimensions: 1.5cm (H) x 36.5cm (W) x 32cm (D)
  • Material: terracotta, stoneware
  • Colour: terracotta, grey
  • Conventional oven safe, maximum temperature of 240°C/464F
  • Do not put hot dish directly into cold water or it will shatter. 

Innovative Kitchen Bread Proving Lid and Baking Stone

SKU: HV12242

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