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Straight from the fairytale, this cheeky Frog Prince with his neck ruffle and golden crown sits proudly on his rustic stone ball. A fabulous home decor piece that would suit a little corner of your room, side table or tucked away in the garden. Choose from two styles: sitting or perched. 


  • Dimensions: 40cm (H) x 22cm (W)
  • Decorative accessory
  • Material: resin
  • Colour: grey destressed finish
  • Indoor use only, if used outside it's not advisable to leave out in temperatures under 3°, frost or in severe wind or storms.  
  • This product is made from a natural source, which may result in an uneven appearance with slight natural flaws and imperfections, differences in the texture, colour or overall shape. Photos will vary slightly due to the unique rustic nature of these pieces, which adds to the classic natural distressed finish.

Frog Prince Sitting on Ball


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