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With imagery covering over 25,000 miles across 22 US States, this beautiful hardback book by British photographer Daniel Freeman, offers up a visually stimulating account of small US towns lit only by streetlights, shop fronts and moonlight. A must-have finishing touch to sit atop your coffee table and inject your space with abundance of aesthetic charm. 



'Midnight on Main' spans a decade of Pan-American nocturnal travel through small town USA. Away from the media spotlight and unending pace of large sleepless cities, 'Midnight on Main' reveals a lesser-documented, quiet America - where flickering neon signs, repurposed stoic structures and forgotten automotive relics exude a silent grace that narrates humble towns between dusk and dawn - uninterrupted by human presence.
About the Author

Daniel Freeman (b.1984) lives in Buckinghamshire, and has specialised in night photography for nearly two decades. He was awarded a ‘Fellowship’ by the British Institute of Professional Photography, and ‘Qualified European Photographer’ status by the Federation of European Professional Photographers for his nocturnal image capture. He currently lectures in Photography and holds night photography seminars and workshops on behalf of photographic institutes.


Midnight on Main by Daniel Freeman

SKU: HV10917

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