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20 Fabulous Greeting Card Messages

Caroline Gardner Birthday Greeting card

Looking for the perfect words to write in a blank greeting card? We've got you covered with 20 fabulous messages for different occasions. Whether you're struggling to find the right sentiment or just need a bit of inspiration, our collection of thoughtful greetings will help you craft the perfect message for any card.

Our three top tips on how to write a great card:

  1. Think about the kind of greeting message you’d like to write. Is it something that shows how much you care or light-hearted words you know will make them smile, or even giggle?

  2. Check out the front of the card for inspiration. Could you write some words that nod to the design or words on there?

  3. Say a lot in a few words. Keep your message to one or two lines.

Or you could just borrow one of ours, for free. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul!).

Ten Fabulous Birthday Messages:

1. It’s cake and bubbles day. All-day long. Yay!

2. Have a bloomin’ marvellous birthday.

3. Hope your day is as fabulous as you are.

4. Here’s to a magical, sparkly day of fun. Happy birthday!

5. Celebrate the good times – the past and the presents.

6. Have an action-packed birthday. Hope it’s supercharged all the way.

7. You’re not old. You’re vintage. Happy [xx] years young!

8. A special friend like you deserves to celebrate in style.

9. Go wild. You only live once. Have an awesome birthday.

10. It’s wine o’clock. Time to celebrate!

Five Amorous Anniversary Messages

1. The best things in life mature with age. You, me and our magical marriage.

2. My love for you runs deeper than the ocean. Thank you for being you.

3. You still make my legs wobble and my bits go dizzy!

4. Your smiles light up every room when you’re together. Enjoy reliving your wedding day.

5. Your love for each other shines so bright. Have a wonderful anniversary.

Five More Greeting Card Messages

Caroline Gardner Birthday Greeting card

Get well soon

Here’s a giant bag of get well hugs just for you.

Good luck

The stars are yours for the taking. Aim high.


Such a special couple. You deserve the most beautiful day of your lives.

New Home

Home is where memories are made. Here’s to many years of happiness.


The world will not be the same without [name], but [he/she] will always be in our hearts and shining above us.

Greetings on the Go

Our full range of stunning greeting cards is available online and in store. If you’re visiting us in person, why not stop and write your card, buy a stamp at the till and pop it in the post box outside. Greetings on the go!


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