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Meet the Maker - Discover Bedfordshire’s Home Decor Hidden Gem

Meet the Maker Behind House to Haven's Unique Home Decor

Hello there, I'm Sarah, the heart and soul behind House to Haven, Bedfordshire’s newest Home Décor and Gift store. I want to give you a little peek into my world and tell you why I'm so passionate about helping transform your home into a cosy haven.

Cranfield shop, House to Haven, Bedfordshire

In 2020, I launched House to Haven online, and in 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to bring my dream to life by opening a physical store. I've always been a creative soul with a great love for décor treasures, especially flowers and how they make your home instantly more beautiful. My goal was to create a wonderfully refreshing store filled with an appealing collection of home and lifestyle gifts without breaking the bank.

Nestled in the charming village of Cranfield, West Bedfordshire, this small business is my labour of love, driven by my passion for home décor. I’m not just obsessed with home décor; I’m downright passionate about it! I can get lost in the world of captivating décor pieces, enchanting faux flower arrangements, and curating stunning displays to share with you.

Stoneware vases, House to Haven decor

Now, let's talk style. Our handpicked collections are influenced by Scandinavian design, the enduring allure of modern rustic, and the timeless elegance of French vintage. It's all about adding your personal touch and creating a space that's not just affordable but uniquely you. Explore homeware, from exquisite décor accents to cosy throws, fragrant candles, and stunning stoneware vases - a treasure trove waiting for you to explore.

But we’re more than a shop; I'm dedicated in supporting local small businesses through markets, wreath workshops and events. Need guidance or gift ideas? I'm here for you, we even offer a free personal shopper service if you can't find what you're looking for.

Visit our store, explore our treasures, and join me on this journey. It's not solely about adorning your living space; it's where cherished memories flourish, where your house truly becomes your haven. Discover Bedfordshire's best-kept secret! I can't wait to greet you in person, or you can explore our handpicked collections online – we even offer click-and-collect.

Discover Bedfordshire’s Home Decor Hidden Gem, we'd love to see you.

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