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Caring for Festive Foliage: A Care Guide for your Evergreen Christmas Wreath

A fresh Christmas wreath makes for a unique work of art that smells as good as it looks. Now that you've made your homemade wreath, here's a few tips and tricks to keep your wreath looking fresh and fragrant throughout the Christmas holidays:

Christmas Wreath

Storing your wreath

Store your wreath in a cool area until ready to use, a garage or refrigerator are perfect places.

Before hanging your wreath

Before you hang your wreath, submerge it in enough water to feed the cut stems and moss overnight. This helps them absorb as much moisture as possible before using.

Add a fresh welcoming scent as you walk pass

Attach an air fresher to the back of the wreath to add a fresh welcoming scent to all that walk past. You can also add fairy lights for a touch of sparkle.

Fix any loose leaves

Use garden wire to reattach any loose material that may have come lose in windy weather.

Hanging your wreath

As your wreath is made up of fresh foliage and moss, it will inevitably last longer in the cool fresh air. So if you are able to hang it on an outside door, then that’s the best option. A wreath door hanger is the perfect way to hang your wreath or you can use a nail or command hook.

Don't forget to mist your wreath

Mister Spray

Misting your wreath regularly is essential to stop it from turning brown. This will help retain it’s fragrance and extend it’s life. We recommend carefully unhooking your wreath from the door and spraying the back of the wreath (where the cut ends are) every two to three days. Spritz the back of the wreath with water so the cut stems can take a drink. You can also spritz the front of the wreath.

Try to avoid getting any additional decoration wet as the damp may cause damage to some items. In particular, dried fruits and cinnamon sticks should be kept dry to avoid rotting.

How long will my evergreen wreath last?

Indoors, your fresh Christmas wreath can last two to three weeks when properly cared for. Outdoors, in cooler temperatures they can last much longer, up to four to six weeks.

Your wreath will naturally dry out over time, but don’t be disheartened as there is beauty in this too! You could even get creative and spray paint your wreath in striking metallics to transform it for New Year celebrations.

Show us your photos!

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