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Choosing the Perfect Room Colours: Part II

Beautiful colour combinations for your home

So, you’ve decided to get your inner home decorator on. The slight snag is you’re just not sure what room colours to go for and what colour combinations will work best.

Take a deep breath and don’t worry. We’re here to help. If you haven’t read our blog on choosing the perfect paint colours, it’s a great place to start.

We adore creating beautiful colour combos for every room with accessories that complement colour schemes set by the likes of Dulux and BEHR®. We hope our combined know-how and ideas will inspire you to turn your own room into the perfect haven.

Colours of the year do the hard work for us

Trendsetters like Dulux, BEHR® and Pantone, whose Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow) featured in our last blog, don’t pluck colours out of thin air. They care about what’s been happening in life, like the fact that our homes have been our absolute everything during lockdown.

They want to inspire us to create a beautiful ambience, and in the year that we can invite family and friends back into our homes, they know we want them to feel warm and fuzzy when they visit.

Dulux gets that 2021 is about Brave Ground

The lovely folks at Dulux definitely get it. Brave Ground it is indeed for most of us, who’ve forgotten what it’s like to dress ourselves up, let alone feel daring enough to give the living room a facelift!

Brave Ground is just what we need. It’s a mid-warm neutral. A friendly, earthy colour they describe as bolstering and balancing. Perfect to warm the hearts of all who step in the room.

Brave Ground, Colour of the Year 2021. Photo credit: Dulux

Dulux’s four inspiration room colour palettes

Brave Ground works beautifully with a whole range of colours, from bold warm pinks to calming blues and greens. Dulux has created four inspiration palettes which you can use to choose complementary wall colours, wallpaper, curtains and accessories like cushions and throws, footstools, vases and flowers.

1. The Expressive palette teams Brave Ground with deep rose, terracotta and even a cool lilac. These colours look great styled with modern furnishings, graphic patterns and light wood floors.

The Expressive palette. Photo credit: Dulux

2. Trust is a collection of earthy colours and calm neutrals, from deep cacao to pale goose down. These tones work well with mid-century furniture and rich finishes, such as copper, marble and velvet.

The Trust palette. Photo credit: Dulux

3. Earth takes nature-inspired blues and greens that are soft and muted. These tones work well styled up with natural wood, reclaimed furniture, shapely ceramics and indoor plants.

The Earth palette. Photo credit: Dulux

4. Timeless is natural and earthy, from mud to smooth mustards. This palette creates a firm foundation for any furnishings – traditional or modern; and works well with artisanal crafts and natural materials.

The Timeless palette. Photo credit: Dulux

BEHR®’s 2021 colour palette is all about Elevated Comfort

Again, the team at BEHR® are totally with us on the fact our decor needs to boost our comfort and wellbeing, as well as set a lovely positive mood for our family and friends.

As well as giving us a single Colour of the Year, an earthy and harmonious Canyon Dusk, BEHR® have created a whole colour trend palette for 2021 – giving us a whopping six colour themes and 21 shades to choose from. Amazing!

The 21 shades of the Colour Trends Palette 2021. Photo credit: BEHR®

A versatile range of colour combinations

With its warm neutrals, soft greens, terracottas and moody blues, it’s a versatile palette. There's lots to choose from in terms of your walls, carpets and bits and bobs to accessorise your room.

It allows colour to mingle, creating harmony in living and working spaces, which reflects the way we’re mixing work with pleasure in our post-pandemic homes. It echoes our desire for the outdoors, fresh air, travel and sea to help bring a sense of adventure and freedom to our chosen rooms.

Elevated Comfort also includes rich, optimistic colours to lift the spirit, with bold, smoky aubergine and vibrant teal shades.

Photo credit: BEHR®

Photo credit: BEHR®

Photo credit: BEHR®

Photo credit: BEHR®

Photo credit: BEHR®

Photo credit: BEHR®

Feeling inspired? Why not create your own colour palette

We love ColourSpace for creating fabulous colour scheme ideas. Just enter a colour, and as if by magic, lots of colour combo palettes appear for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Shop accessories for your colour scheme >

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