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10 Inspiring Shelf Decor Ideas for the Perfect Shelfie

How to style your shelves like a pro

We love a good #shelfie here at House to Haven. Our ten shelf decor ideas are designed to inspire you to style your own shelves like a pro and get them glammed up for their big moment!

You can make them shine for you and your family to enjoy. Or, if you feel they have superstar quality, why not add them to our #myshelfie Wall of Fame? Take a peek at the details further down the page.

Tip 1. Dazzle with different heights

Bring some eye-catching diversity by changing up the heights of your accessories:

  • Split your vases, plant pots, candle holders, books etc into small, medium and large.

  • Keep things interesting. Give medium and smaller pieces a home next to tall ones.

  • Use stacking to help break up your shelf decor – eg stand or drape items on top of books.

Tip 2. Ahhh… let your shelf decor breath

When it comes to styling a superstar shelf, crowding your decor just won’t cut it:

  • Give your accessories plenty of space.

  • More is less. Don’t be tempted to clutter.

  • Let your pieces stand out and shine.

Tip 3. The beauty of books

Adding books to your decor is bound to draw attention:

  • Food, gardening, travel, art – these book covers are designed to jump out from your shelf.

  • Choose beautiful books that enhance your room and shelf style and colour scheme.

  • Stack or sit them upright with the spines facing out for full effect.

Tip 4. Sophisticated layering

Add luscious layers to complement your varying heights:

  • Start your layer with an upright picture frame or artwork.

  • Lean a further piece against the wall to create a classy contrast.

  • For longer shelves, repeat this further along the shelf.

Tip 6. Breathe life with tasteful textures

Bring your shelf to life like a pro with different textures:

  • Arranged and draped greenery is a great way to add texture and movement.

  • Textured jars, vases and sculptures will add an elegant contrast to your shelf.

  • Smooth and flat wood, glass and ceramic pieces will give even more depth.

Tip 7. A bit of you

Don’t be afraid to add your stamp to your shelves:

  • Bring your personality to the table… well, the shelf actually!

  • What colours are really you?

  • Do you have family heirlooms or favourite pieces that will finish off your shelf perfectly?

Tip 8. Metals, meet naturals

A bit of shine made even more fabulous:

  • Mixing metals like silvers and golds, or yellow and rose gold, will give a lovely pop of colour.

  • Add a dark wicker basket or wooden bowl as the perfect contrast to any shiny or mirrored item.

  • Bringing metal and natural elements together will make it impossible for monotony to set in!

Tip 9. Odd is even better

Group pieces in odd numbers for today’s style:

  • If you’re trying to create a traditional ambience, even numbers are the way forward.

  • With modern styling, items are always grouped in odd numbers to give a more complete feeling.

  • Instead of having two or four pieces together on your shelf, just add a third or fifth.

Tip 10. The centre of attention

Bring harmony with a central piece:

  • Why not single out the ornament or other feature you’re head over heels with?

  • Centring pieces makes them stand out more while giving the eye a break from other details.

  • It’s OK not to have multiple items on your shelf at once. It’s all about the balance!

Join our #myshelfie Wall of Fame for your chance to win!

Once you’ve worked your way through our top tips, we’d love to see you on our #myshelfie Wall of Fame. Simply add #mysheflie to your photo and tag us @housetohavendecor on Instagram or Facebook.

Our favourite #myshelfie will win themselves a special Autumn Haven Hamper. If social media isn’t your thing, then feel free to pop us a message with a pic of your shelf to get yourself in the competition.

Competition closes on Saturday 2nd October, 11am. Terms and conditions apply.

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