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Introducing Mr Jingle!

It was a magical moment to donate our giant Gonk this Christmas to MK Hospital…

On Christmas Eve a special deliver was made to Ward 5 Children's Ward at Milton Keynes Hospital. With his reindeer antlers jingling, and bringing Christmas gonkness cheer, Mr Gonk was ready to be welcomed to his new home and it was a magical moment to hand over Mr Gonk to Zoe Williams, Play Specialist at MK Hospital.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who visited 'Merry Little Cranfield' Christmas Market on 4th December 2022 and joined in the competition to name Mr Gonk. There were some fantastic, gonkness names. With over 25 names to choose from including Gnorbitt, Christof, Buddy and Billybob the Gonk. On Boxing Day the children on the ward went through all the names and 'Mr Jingle' was the favourite chosen name. We're so pleased he's found a forever home.

Nurse Lucy receiving Mr Gonk at Milton Keynes Hospital
Nurse Mel receiving Mr Jingle

“We all fell in love. He is beautiful. The children on Boxing Day chose the name Mr Jingle, this name was a personal favourite of mine too!! Thank you again for Mr Jingle, he will be loved for years to come!”

We pride ourselves on being able to do something special for other people. If you support a charity and would like to discuss teaming up just Contact Us. for a chat.

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