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Printable Wall Art - Flamingos

Discover our collection of fabulous and flamboyant flamingo wall art prints. Free printable art has become super popular over the last few years and are the perfect home decor wall decor for anywhere in your home. You don’t have to pay shipping fees, you can get almost any size, and it’s free. Minus printing and framing costs, of course... but you can’t beat a free art print!

Fabulously flamboyant and stunningly stylish - the flamingo.

Did you know there are six different species of flamingos and that the name flamingo comes from the Portuguese and Spanish word "flamengo" which translates as flame-coloured. Flamingos are not born with pink feathers but hatch with a grayish-red plumage. They acquire their famous pink colouring from the food they eat. Mainly, their diet of shrimp and blue-green algae. As well as Southern Europe, Flamingos are also found in the Americas, Africa and Asia. They're not just renowned for their fabulous pink colouring but also for standing on one leg. The other leg is usually tucked under their bodies. Why they do this, ornithologists don’t really know why.

What is printable art?

Printable art is a digital file that you download, print yourself and frame, either at home or by using a professional printing service.

We've put together a selection of wall art, we hope you like them!

Download your free printable flamingo wall art here.

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